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Who We are?

Established over 30 years ago, Spicon Products Sdn. Bhd. is a manufacturer, repacker and distributor of both processed and non-processed cooking ingredients, headquartered at Malacca. Our extensive approach for a "Quality and Credibility" policy is the driving motivation which led Spicon to enjoy its reputation as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The Company has grown to greater heights by adjusting to market-changing environments whilst bringing its flavors and quality into a growing network of clients in the food service industry and retail floors nationwide since 1985. Throughout the years, our range of products has expanded over 200 items in the Baking Needs, Spices, Dried Condiments and Lentils categories, thus showing our commitment to the food industry, strengthened by a supportive network of producers and suppliers.

What we do?

Spicon's operations comprise of multiple business lines representing our all-encompassing approach to the needs of our clients. Through a concentrated effort, we have acquired knowledge that has led us to be better experienced in 'Manufacturing' and 'Repacking' lines. In Manufacturing, Spicon presents its flavors in the Spice Powders & Mixes range, whereas in Repacking, we source for reputable suppliers to convey their products to Malaysian consumers under our brand and under socially acceptable conditions. Another integral part of our business is our 'Contract Packaging' service, specialised in packing ingredients in granular or in powder form under our customers’ brands. With our investment in German technology, Spicon benefits from its quality assured packaging machines and increased productivity with advanced efficiency techniques. Furthermore, product safety is improved by the screening of raw materials before its being processed and the cautious quality control at different stages of the production process.

Spicon's distribution team aims to meet the demand for fast and efficient service for the speedy transfer of goods serving over two thousand customers to date. We have an extensive fleet of trucks circling the entire Peninsular Malaysia, reflecting our commitment to provide a truly national coverage.

What we aim?

With years of cumulated experience, Spicon has vast experience in developing and supporting its customers in all phases for their products. All products manufactured for retail or bulk sales are processed using graded quality natural ingredients while conforming to the domestic standard, 'MESTI' and the international counterpart, 'HALAL'.

Kijang is a recognized household brand and over the years, our vision has always been to transform Kijang into a brand name which is synonymous to the Spices and Baking industry. Our objective, simply enough is to instill customers’ loyalty and accentuate product superiority.